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BAR CHEF program

Vancouver bar chef

This Program Includes:

Cocktail crafting
Creative presentation
The exploration of spirits

Program Description:

Becoming a bar chef means learning all there is to know about spirits, creating decadent combination's and inspiring culinary presentations. The Bar Chef bartending program at Metropolitan Bartending School, teaches students to meet the demands of the modern cocktail enthusiast by re-creating the standard cocktail using fresh seasonal ingredients, and infusing culinary delights.

The industry is moving towards this new style of bartending, pairing cocktails with seasonal fruits and foods. This growing specialty is all about infusing alcohol with fruit and vegetables, syrups and reductions.

This bartending class is a fun and creative evening that will inspire you to “think out of the box” and concoct cocktails such as a “Beeting Heart”, by using a menagerie of seasonal fruits and vegetables from the common variety such as cucumbers to the more exotic like blood oranges.  Also, learn ways of using herb and fruit reductions to enhance common cocktails and impress your guests, family and friends with holiday theme candied drinks.

Bar Chef program runs Monday nights, from 6:30 – 10pm


This cocktail design program is taught by master mixologist Micah Dew. You may recognize Micah from or his weekly cocktail feature in The Province Newspaper.

He works his talents 5 Nights a week at The Roxy Vancouver, speaks alongside other writers & Food Network stars at the Annual Christmas in November in Jasper, and has made multiple TV appearances including: The Racheal Ray Show: Watch here

$125.00 CAD

Check Upcoming Dates-

Check Upcoming Dates-

Bartending Success Story:

One place you definitely want to know how to operate a speed spout is when you're working as a brand ambassador, handing out free shots and cocktails to beverage consumers at various public points of sale. When you work a crowd favorite, people tend to form a queue—which quickly becomes a mob, if you can't work fast. It also doesn't hurt to know how to make delicious drinks, how to make the most of the product you're being paid to promote, how to keep your workstation organized and clean, and how to do it all while making friendly conversation with your customer. That was my job and I did it with skill and confidence because I went to Metropolitan Bartending School.

Cheers, Joe